Homo Erectus discovered fireThey learned how to use it as a tool

Since we as a species first harnessed fire as a tool, we have been engaged in a battle to control it. As one of the violent effects of combustion, we have tried, to no avail, to control it. 620,500,000 (approx.) days since we first used fire the goal of safely controlling it still eludes us.

the Problem

Fire-prone ecosystems cover 40 percent of the world's land surface. According to NASA, on our planet earth, something is always burning. In spite of this, fire suppression methodology has not significantly advanced in over 25 years. The same "additive" solutions we have always used are the status quo for the fighting of fires.

  • Fires start.
  • We add water and/or chemicals.
  • We add more until the fire is out.
  • Typically this works by cooling the fire and reducing its access to an oxidizing agent, but doesn't take into account the potential for lack of resources needed to fight the fire, or the expense of the chemicals.

    Our problem is fire and the costs incurred in both fighting it and not fighting it.

the Solution

In 2015, the American television "Tonight Show" showed a technology that used physics and fluid dynamics to extinguish fires. The technology was invented by two, at that time, graduating engineering students. ARSAC Technologies has been working with these two students to develop the technology and are the exclusive system designer and distributor for the product globally.

Watch It!

the Demonstration

Starting this year, 2019, we will be releasing a video documentary on public social media. We will show the technology in detail and explain how it functions. We will also show the world a possibility for the future of firefighting. A way to stop the destruction of priceless cultural achievements, monumental and glorious ecosystems, and above all the lives of our loved ones that may be lost in fires. We will update the site as we get closer to the debut.